Grief Recovery Method Program

A 8-session format following the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method materials to support your experience with grief.


Only a limited number of highly experienced Advanced GRM Specialists have been qualified and specifically trained to offer these 7-session one-to-one online support programs.

Helping Children Deal with Loss Program

This is a Grief Recovery Method 4-session program for adults, parents/caregivers of children to help children deal with death, divorce, pet loss, moving and other losses. These sessions are available to parents, school and community groups.

Pet Loss Program

This is a Grief Recovery Method Program that supports you when your beloved pet passes away. People often resort to incorrect mechanisms to deal with the grief. This 6-session program addresses the differences in losing a pet, and ultimately, moving on with life.


Individual Consultation

I have worked within the community sector for many years facilitating outreach programs; coaching and counselling both individuals and groups who’ve been impacted by family, substance, and behavioural issues and grief.It would be a privilege to hear your story and offer support in any way I can. Please follow the link below to book your complementary initial telephone consultation.